Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Just a selection of answers to the questions you might have.

Basically you talk, I listen and may be talk as well!  That probably doesn’t answer the question fully and I know that if you have not had counselling this lack of knowing can be worrying.  However, when we speak on the phone before our first session, I will hopefully be able to reassure you more.

During recent covid times, all my counselling sessions were offered on the telephone or online. I believe that it is just as effective as working face to face, in fact some people prefer working over the phone to face to face.  This service is for you and therefore it is important you are comfortable with whatever arrangement suits you the best.

Our relationship is key and if something about it isn’t working for you, then I would encourage you to talk to me about it.  It maybe I am not the right person for you to work with, but I can direct you to others who may be better for your needs.

The work we do together is totally confidential.  If we are working face to face, there will be no one listening to you – it will be just you and I in the room. If our work is done over the phone or online, I will be working in my counselling room and the same situation will apply. There may be some occasions when I will need to tell someone else about what we have talked about, these are legal requirements or if I am worried about your safety.  I will talk about this more as part of our contract of working together.

My client room is on a ground floor, however there is a small step at the entrance.  I can source a ramp for anyone who needs it and there is space in the room for wheelchair access if required.

The simple answer is no, it is an important part of our counselling relationship that we have set times when we meet.  If you can’t make the sessions, it is best to let me know as soon as possible via telephone.

Of course – we can schedule in holidays or time off.  It is important we have regular sessions, but holidays are important!  If you can’t make a session its ok, I will also ensure you are aware of any time off I am having.

If for any reason I can’t work with you anymore, if circumstances allow, I will help you in finding another therapist.

Of course, I have worked with many people of different genders, age, religion, and cultures.

Each sessions cost £45.  Sessions will last for at least 50 minutes.

I am trained to work with young people aged over 13 years.

If you have health insurance, please speak directly to them to check if counselling covered on your policy. I am an affiliate counsellor for Aviva and Vitality Health Insurance.